Anything is Possible

 Liam has had plenty of testing moments throughout his life and now Liam is setting himself new challenges in the world of professional Paratriathlon, with his sites set on Tokyo 2020 Parolmpics.   

Liam Twomey is 24 currently living in Melbourne.  In 2001 he was diagnosed with a Ewing Sarcoma cancer, and became a below knee amputee at age 7.


It was a scary time, Liam was lucky to have made it through, and was able to move on with his life.  Unfortunately though he didn’t really move on.  Liam really hated being an amputee and did anything possible to avoid accepting his new reality.

Teenage angst mixed with some grief and Liam was a bit of a trouble maker growing up, and enjoyed the party lifestyle a little too much.

At 21 Liam realised he was living a pretty sad life.  Living for the weekend, unhealthy on a physical and mental level.  So Liam made a change and moved to Sydney to shake things up a bit.

Liam quit all my destructive behaviours and replaced them with new ones.  Liam began swimming…well maybe "not ‘swimming’ but thrashing through the water" Liam said.  Though he loved it.  He relearnt how to swim properly at 22 and found a competitive drive and passion for life come back with the more sport he did.  


So Liam took the plunge and started doing Multi Class swimming in NSW, with the new goal to become a Paralympian.  

After about 12 months of swimming though, after a few suggestions from friends and experienced athletes Liam turned his attention to Paratriathlon.

Liam signed up for his first race in St Kilda in January 2018, in November 2017.  At the time he'd never raced or swum in the open water, didn’t own a bike and had never run 5K in his life!  

Definitely threw himself in the deep end, but once Liam started racing he realised he loved it!  Far more enjoyable than the black line racing he'd been doing.

This year has been a whirlwind, to have started the year with no experience, knowledge and pretty much no idea, to have just returned from his first overseas trip to compete internationally for the Australian National Paratriathlon team.  

"Its been pinch yourself worthy thats for sure" Liam said.  I am still a rookie in absolutely every way, something my team mates have no trouble reminding me of, but i’m excited to see what else this sport has in store for me!" 

Keep an eye out on Liam's journey in Paratriathlon. Camino are stocked to have Liam as a Camino Comrade and look forward to supporting him to achieve his dream of becoming a Paralympian. 

You can also show your support by donating Cancer Council Australia link below.


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