Camino X Fusion Cycles Brisbane


Camino Apparel are happy to announce that our 'Frontier Collection' is now being stocked at Fusion Cycles Brisbane. 

Fusion Cycles started out in 2008 with a dream to provide the best service and knowledge possible to the Brisbane cycling and triathlon community and has been growing steadily ever since. 

 Fusion cater for everyone, from the beginner rider or someone looking to get into cycling… to those with an eye for the finer things in life and wanting something a little more custom. We stock 4 major bike brands here at Fusion Cycles. Cannondale, Cervelo, Focus, and BMC. Fusion have also partnered up with 3 incredible niche brands. Factor, a high-end British bike ceramic BB’s and bearings, most recently ridden by Romain Bardet and AG2R in TDF. Stinner and DeAnima. Stinner Frameworks, beautifully handcrafted and painted steel and titanium frames as well as DeAnima, high-end Italian carbon fibre frames.


 Fusion offer a range of bike fitting options, with the GURU machine in store being one of the most advanced fitting systems on the market. Fusion firmly believe that being properly fitted to your bike is one of the best investments you can make. 


Whether you are just starting out as a cycle, searching for the right bike, or a seasoned rider, having a proper bike fit will greatly improve the quality, efficiency, and comfort of your ride, as well as
avoiding long-term injuries. 


 Their service department can deal with everything you throw at them. Fusion are proud to provide and extensive Service Menu as well as our famed Service Membership. This membership covers all your servicing and labour for just $9 per Week. As an industry first, we truly believe this is the best way to keep you and your bike running smoothly, safely, and having fun without breaking the bank. 

Fusion love bikes. It’s as simple as that. Now, in their new store, they are more excited than ever to provide their excellent service, advice and products to the cycling community. 

Camino and excited to be part of the Fusion team. 


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