How to make Indoor Training Fun Again

Indoor cycle training


Lets be honest, the time of the year is nearing where cycling becomes a pain in the arse. Even the most dedicated riders complain about the cold mornings that turn riding into a mental battle when the alarm goes off. Riding in colder temperatures is never fun and adds a whole new level of organisation. Yes, we feel your pain, all those lights that “didn’t charge overnight” (we know you forgot), dressing in 10 layers only to get too hot half way through your ride leaving you with half your wardrobe to carry home and the need for 20 minute showers to get feeling back in your hands and toes. We’d take the warm bed option too, but at Camino we believe nothing comes for free.


This time of year calls for some of the biggest races on the racing calendar, which means there is no time for long lazy mornings in bed. So it really is time to meet your new best friend: the indoor trainer. This poor guy really does get a bad wrap for being boring, but adding a trainer session into your program really has its perks. Many of the best pro cyclists and triathletes in the world use indoor training as part of their build into races - it’s a simple bang for you buck workout. You can get a solid session that hits your training zones. Not only is it great for your fitness but the mental strength developed on the indoor trainer will help you in those dark times on race day when the body is saying no. Riding on an indoor trainer is harder then riding on the road, there is no red lights, no free wheeling and no hills to glide down. When set up correctly on the trainer, there is nowhere to hide and a 60 minute session can be equal to 90 to 100 minutes on the road. Training Peaks even suggests that you are doing 50% more work riding indoors.


So its time to set up that wind trainer and get some quality (and we mean real quality) riding done. We recommend setting up in front of the TV and investing in programs such as Zwift (seriously check it out!) that push you too your limits and take the boredom out of your ride by making your trainer ride a virtual environment.



So how do you get the most out of your indoor training?

  1. If you can subscribe and set yourself up on Zwift – you will be smashed after an hour and will find it hard to find a better quality session. Ever heard the name Matthew Hayman? After fracturing his radius bone he spent 5 weeks on Zwift before returning to take the biggest win of his career at the Paris-Roubix – no road riding, just double days on the indoor trainer on his virtual racing world. If you haven’t seen it seriously check it out here or here. Actually, just check out both of them – maybe when your on the trainer for some serious inspiration


  1. Set yourself up in a good space. We are talking fans, aircon, internet connection, iPad or TV nearby (for Zwift or some form of entertainment). Riding indoors can be noisy AF so make sure you are away from any sleeping family or flatmates if you care about them
  2. Have water nearby – you will sweat a lot
  3. Have a towel to wipe your sweat to make sure you don’t end up a sweaty mess


If you can’t get access to an online cycling app some of the best sessions to do on a trainer include speed intervals t o improve speed and power helping you to recover faster from hard efforts. Climbing bursts for strength and ladder intervals to simulate the demands of racing.


So there it is, as the mornings get cooler and darker and riding becomes a chore set yourself up indoors and stay focused on your upcoming race. Remember nothing comes for free.



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