Jake Montgomery - Welcome to the Camino Apparel Athlete Team.




Camino Apparel would like to welcome Jake Montgomery to the Camino Apparel Athlete Team.

Firstly, we are extremely happy to announce that Jake has joined our small but rapdily expanding brand.

If we can be even half  as humble, gracious and dedicated in business as Jake is with his application to his
profession, life, friends and endeavours we'll be doing very well. It’s inspiring to see a young man who applies
himself this way and we couldn’t be prouder to have someone like Jake representing Camino Apparel.

So lets get a take on the year that has been from the man himself.. below is Jake’s run down
..at some points the happiest highs and a fair few terrifying, turbulent and down right scary lows.

// Hey guys

It has been a year of the highest of highs and lowest of lows. It started with moving up to the Gold Coast which
has been excellent for training and allowing me to be on the doorstep of some of the best waves in Australia, I spent
a couple of months here before heading down to race Geelong 70.3 which I was crowned Champion. This was the
highlight of my career to date and one of the best feelings I've had, it was an awesome start to the year but that quickly
turned around.

Two weeks later on my ride home from swimming training I was hit by a garbage truck and suffered serious injuries and
was fearing my year was done, however, I was too eager to get back to Boulder, CO and with excellent rehab I was back
running 6 weeks later. I was very fortunate to have recovered so quickly and made the trip to Boulder, where I was able to
put together the best 2 months of training I have ever done, this was ideal as I was to return home to compete in my first
ever 70.3 World Championships. I was super keen to toe the line for this race being on home soil and going into the race
ranked 12th.

The afternoon before the big race I was on my last ride when I was hit by a car, knocked unconscious and rushed to hospital.
I suffered brain bleeding/swelling and multiple fractures, I didn't regain consciousness until 2 days later and spent a week in
hospital. Recovery has been very slow but it is moving forward and the doctors are extremely happy with my progress. I am
very determined to toe the line again one day and have been doing everything I can to get myself fit again and ready to race.
If all continues to go well with recovery I am hoping to have my first race back early in 2017.

My manager and sponsors have been very supportive throughout my rehabilitation and i can’t thank them enough, it's much
appreciated and they continue to motivate me to get back to where I was.
I feel extremely fortunate to sign with a new sponsor during this time, Camino Apparel.  A great bunch of guys who have been
super supportive throughout my rehabilitation and am very thankful they would like to take me onboard to help pursue my
future in triathlon. This partnership could not have come at a better time as several weeks through my rehab Camino Apparel
invited me down to Bondi for a photoshoot of their cycling kit collaboration with Oakley. I could not have been more excited,
got the all clear from the doctors to travel down and made it to the shoot which was unreal. The location was great, the
photographer made it a lot of fun and the kits were amazing. Having a collaboration with Oakley was so exciting to hear, they
have been my favourite eyewear since day one and am lucky enough to be representing them through my training and racing.
I am really looking forward to the kits being released to the public as the quality of the kit is the nicest I've worn and they look incredible.

I really appreciate everything Camino has done and is doing for me, I am confident that the partnership will only get better in
the future and can't wait to be out there training and racing in Camino cycling and triathlon wear.

Camino 'The Way'
Looking forward to the journey.

Jake //

We can’t wait to see Jake back out on the bike!

See below some of Jake’s great race results prior to his horrid run of injuries and incidents.

 1st Geelong 70.3, VIC (PRO) Australian Long Course Championships  07/02/2016
2nd- Western Sydney 70.3, NSW (PRO) 29/11/2015
2nd- Mandurah 70.3, WA (PRO) 8/11/2015
5th- Port Macquarie 70.3, NSW (PRO) 18/10/2015
5th- Challenge Williamsburg, USA (PRO) 13/06/2015
6th- Challenge Batemans Bay (PRO) 29/03/2015
7th- Huskisson Long Course, AUS (PRO) 22/03/2015
7th- Timberman 70.3, USA (PRO) 16/08/2015
8th- Vineman 70.3 (PRO) 31/05/2015
8th- Raleigh Ironman 70.3 (PRO) 31/05/20


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