Keeping up swim fitness during isolation

 The pools are still shut here in Australia, it still maybe a month or so until we will be able to follow the black line again.  We honestly don’t know too many triathletes that don’t mind skipping a swim session but skipping months of swim sessions seems to have most of us a little bit concerned. So we thought we’d share some tips on how to make sure when the time comes, you won’t feel like you’re having to learn to swim again. Here are the best ways to stay swim fit without having to stare at the black line, who knows, some of these things might stick around after iso.


  1. Open water swim

If you can jump in the open water. We race in it, so why not train in it? The benefits of consistently jumping open water swimming will show when you toe the start line again. You should feel more confident and will have had the chance to practice skills that you don’t normally practice in the pool including sighting, practicing different breathing techniques, navigating different conditions and getting used to feeling the drafting benefits of siting on your friends’ feet (because you should be taking ONE friend to swim with if you are going to open water swim). It also offers the chance to do some longer endurance swims that are less mentally fatiguing. Also, as the temperatures start to dip you can practice swimming in your wetsuit.

  1. Bungee swimming

If you don’t have safe access to an open body of water grab a swim bungee and bungee swim in your backyard pool. Swimming with a swim bungee is a great way to incorporate technique work into your swimming, focus on correct kick technique and practice bilateral breathing. You’ll also develop you swim strength as you constantly swim against resistance.



  1. Dry land

No pool, no worries. There are many dry land gym exercises you can be focusing on the will help keep you in swim shape. Think resistance band exercises, core work and body weight upper body moves. Even with a pool you should probably use your spare time to include these in your week. The opportunities in this space are endless you could even include some yoga and Pilates to keep to body in tune.


  1. Swim run block. Yeah ok, it’s not swimming but your moving and staying active. If you just can’t make it to an open body of water, a backyard pool and don’t have the space or mental capacity for dry land work you can always get out and ride and run and to us, that’s better than nothing!


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