Plan your Triathlon season



It’s that time of year. The days are getting longer, a hint of warmth is in the air and you realise its time to get your arse back into gear after a long winter on the couch. You’ve looked at your bike all winter with all intent of jumping on the wind trainer – but it never happened. Your runners are somewhere in the back of your car or wardrobe feeling neglected and unloved and your swimming pass at the pool has expired. With race season just around the corner its time to get out of your off season slump. We know all to well what this feels like so we have complied our best tips to get you back and ready for race season.


  1. Build a base.

Assuming you have done nothing all season its time to build your base back. Start slow, allow your body to re-adapt to being placed under stress. Schedule slower training sessions to help build back your aerobic base. IN these sessions you should focus on form and technique as your are going slower then what you will later in the season.

  1. Find a training group.

We all need someone to push us. Friends to text us to get us out of bed or to give us an earful when we don’t rock up to training. Finding a group or committing to sessions with friends keeps you accountable and is better then going it alone. Every state in Australia is bustling with triathlon training groups; alternatively just get a group of likeminded friends together.


  1. Get strong.

Head to the gym and lift some weights. Get strong in the through the hips and core for starters to ensure injury doesn’t plague your season.

  1. Slowly introduce speed work and intervals.

Once your base is built (4-6 weeks) start adding in some specific interval training. Introduce swim sessions with higher intensity efforts such as 24x100s on ten seconds rest, incorporate 3x10 minute TT efforts on your rides and start by introducing a fartlek run session to get your body and mind used to moving fast again.


  1. Listen to your body.

This doesn’t mean cry and whinge about how sore you are after 1 week of training. Instead remain consistent in your training the first few weeks will always hurt with niggles and adaptation to a new training load. It is important to jump on niggles straight away before they flare up. Be smart with injury – don’t just wait and “see how it goes” if something is bothering you get it looked at early to stop it derailing your progress. A fortnightly scheduled massage is a great place to start.


  1. Set a goal.

Nothing keeps you more focus then knowing that there is a race coming up. Set a realistic goal for your first race back. Chances are it won’t be your most glorious so aim to have fun and enjoy the day and let it lead you into the season ahead.


There you go comrades, time to get up and get out. Good luck in the upcoming season. Keep us posted on your progress and remember, “Nothing comes easy”.


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