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Run Walk Talk is a men’s support group which started last year by a group of mates living in Southern Gold Coast.  Last year a group of 20 mates got together and trekked 68km from Point Danger Lighthouse to Byron Bay Lighthouse raising awareness for men’s mental health and fundraising for Charity Beyond Blue.  We ran, we walked and we talked.

This year we will see at least 60 men from all walks of life come together once again in support of men’s mental health.  We have chosen to raise money for the Black Dog institute who also do great work in our community. Each year RWT chooses a worthy charity to support and raise money for whilst continuing to spread the word that it’s important for mates to support mates and never allow a mate to suffer in silence.


The trek brings men together to challenge, support each other and to encourage a healthy lifestyle. The event is open to any men willing to push there boundaries and support there mates. It’s a free event, where you have to be responsible for yourself and carry what you need. The rewards are endless with all the trekkers from last year returning to support there mates once again.  The challenge brings out the best in men enabling them to drop there guard and be open and honest around other men helping them realise that there problems are not uncommon.


RWT thanks Camino for all there support and can’t wait for the 6th April 2019 to be out on the road sharing some km’s with our mates. 


If you would like to support us please visit and donate.


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