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There are a few ways I can define myself. One is the Isabelle I may be known as in the world the other is the Isabelle I know. I'll wrap them all up for you. Im a 25-year-old, Australian Actress, I was raised in the hunter valley on a property and am an earth child at heart. I like to geek out on all things health and wellness. Im extremely energetic, a little crazy and a total nerd. I am incredibly passionate about positive psychology and mental health. Training and fitness is my lifestyle, my body craves movement, and I love new challenges. I am a qualified yoga teacher, eating psychology coach and currently completing study in Personal training.


My fitness story

I started working in film and television at age 16, and soon after began modelling. During these years there where a buck list of party invites and drink offerers but I craved a lifestyle to help me perform and feel my best. I then dove into health and wellness. Once I transformed my diet and started working out I was hooked, I couldn't believe how amazing I felt, there was no going back!


I live a very holistic lifestyle. I don't only prioritise nutrition and movement, but I implement crucial lifestyle practices to treat the human body as a whole. A few of my other health hacks base in spirituality, grounding, meditation, yoga and positive psychology. I am very grateful for the body and health I have.


My childhood years consisted of playing sports on the weekends. As I left school, I started running because I could do it ANYWHERE & ANYTIME, with little gear necessary.

Running is my JAM. I've run my whole life consistently, but started competitive running in 2018 — My other training consists of strength, with HITT and bodyweight resistance. I have a huge love for nature, so you will often find me running trails in the national parks of Australia.


I suffered a terrible injury in the recent past that had me off exercise for 3-6 month's. I like to say it was the worst and the best thing that has ever happened to me. It taught me that I am still beautiful, strong and enough without my identity of fitness. After rehabbing the injury, I purchased a road bike. Cycling lead me to an interest in triathlon. I love a new challenge, And I believe growth comes from fear. Triathlon is uncomfortable, and that's why It interests me. I've never been a swimmer, and the feeling of smashing out my first 2k in the lake was EPIC. A lesson that my injury taught me is that I have to be careful with my body. Im taking the triathlon and iron man journey slow to listen to my mind, body and spirit throughout the ride.




When I am not training for triathlon my weeks, consist of about 5 runs and 3 strength sessions.

The runs are a mix up of, tempo, interval, trail and recovery.

My strength is focused on strength, injury prevention and power.

During triathlon training, the week Is a mix up of swimming, cycling and running. I also complete 2 strength sessions in the gym, targeting my glutes, quads and hip stability.


 Advice + physical, mental & spiritual health

You can train like a maniac, but if you don't work on your mental health and mindset, you will not evolve and grow. The human body requires the balance to perform efficiently. All pillars of health require as much attention to flow together. MIND BODY SOUL.


Look at your lifestyle:

  • How are you eating?
  • Sleep and rest?
  • Mental and spiritual health?
  • Relationships?
  • External stressors and influences?


I wish to encourage my community to take health into their own hands. Every one of us has the power to transform our lifestyles. There is a beauty in owning your health, not relying on someone or something to do the work. Want to have more energy? Move your body! Sore muscles and tight glutes? Stop relying on a massage therapist and experiment with self-release and trigger point using tennis balls and rollers. Become an investigator into your self. Take note of things that enhance your life and do them more often. 


Stop hanging out with people that don’t lift you. 


This is YOUR life. The most important relationship you can have is the one you have with yourself. Become your own best friend. Explore until you make breakthroughs. I know what makes me happy, and im aware of my strengths and weaknesses. 




In 2019, I believe that the majority of the issues young women and men face stem from neglecting the truth of humans connection to each other and the world around.


My life transformed when I reconnected myself to the Earth around me.

One of the most therapeutic but simple lifestyle practices I have is to just lay in nature with my body surrendered on mother earth. This practice allows all the energy channels flowing through us to reground, stabilise and recharge. It is one of the simplest ways to heal, gain energy and relieve stress.


Cycling & Camino

I like to have all the rad gear. Im, not a girl to buy shoe's, clothes or makeup. I don't like eating out or jewellery, but I LOVE all my fitness gear and health-enhancing products. I recently purchased an infrared sauna and an inversion table for my house. #isabellesfavouritethings


I chose to wear Camino because its god damn cool, made from quality materials, a local brand and the gear is perfect for performance. Dress fast, feel fast, be fast.



The future

I like to try and live in the present moment,

I focus on goals and personal attributes I want to work on for my future. Growth is an essential practice for me. However, I try not to fixate on anything that is not here yet. If we worry about what's next, we miss the beauty of the life we are living right now.

I am super excited to be studying personal training followed by nutrition. I have triathlon and running events in the pipeline. I am writing a book and just finished building a campervan. Im excited to travel in between my acting jobs. My lifestyle is always in flow, continually changing and evolving. Im a hard girl to pin down but that's the way I like it, when I flow in life I feel happy, radiant and full of love. I don't make plans because I enjoy the adventure.


My mission is to health and inspire others to uncover their own creative potential. I believe our true nature is happiness, love and boundless energy.


Isabelle, <3



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