Tommy's journey to World Championships


Since we last ‘spoke’ I have completed 4 Olympic Distance races, roughly 312hrs of training, countless weeks of managing shin splints, never ending sore muscles & enough sweat and tears to fill a pool.

It’s now been 6months since I training for Triathlon & since my last blog post. Coming up to my 6th month it doesn’t seem like a long time when I say it out loud but it feels like I’ve been training for at least a year. Do far it sounds like I’m hating life but it’s quite the opposite I’m f*cking loving it. Finally I’m finding a balance between full time work, my Djing work and training. Although there has been some days of operating on 4 hours sleep, its just part of the hustle to get to my new goals.

Zipping into my Camino Vapor Dry Tri Suit at Kingscliff Triathlon I set about achieving my first goal to complete an Olympic Distance Triathlon Race. Morning of the race I had never been so nervous. Lucky I had my coach & my squad with me telling me its ok just relax and just get it done, you make a mistake it’s all good, no race is perfect & it’s your first ever tri it’s all about learning & a great experience. Just enjoy it… so I did.

Race went as expected my swim was ok, Bike leg since only been riding a bike for 7 weeks I blew up 2 laps in but then made up some time in the run. Much to my own dis belief my coach pointed at me and said I had gotten 2nd in my age group when I crossed the line. I had finished my first ever Olympic Distance Triathlon in 2hrs 7mins 9secs & got 2nd place. This made me think I might actually go ok in this sport after all.

MY Kingscliff race lit a fire to smash some more goals. Next was to go sub 2hrs for an Olympic Distance Tri. Wasn’t going to be easy & wouldn’t be achieved overnight but that’s what I wanted to set myself next.

Fast forward another 5 weeks and I was on the start line again. I knew this was going to be a fast race – points for age group world champs were up for grabs. With a less then ideal race prep running off 3 hours sleep (cheers work) I set a race plan with my coach and got ready to rip into the race. It was a fast and hot race. Swim went good 40secs faster, I smashed myself on the bike leg & took off 3mins, Run was only 1min slower the heat absolutely killed me from about 5km onwards. After pushing through the run leg I crossed the line in 2hrs 4mins 56secs. Physically drained from the warmth of the day I was stoked to edge closer to my new goal.

My next race was Mooloolaba giving me 6 weeks of solid training leading into the race. A training partner told me to have a crack at making the Australian Age Group team for World Championships. If I had another good race at Mooloolaba I thought I could be in contention for the team - so I thought why not. In the weeks leading up to Mooloolaba I was lucky to score TT bike off a mate of mine. The act of generosity from this friend fuelled the fire even more and now the challenge was to learn to ride it a couple of weeks before race day. I had a good block of training and headed into Mooloolaba feeling confident and ready.

The morning of the race was rainy & windy certainly not ideal racing conditions. I was nervous it was the first time doing the swim leg in the actual ocean battling waves and currents & having 118 other people in my wave to make it worse. Transitions were long, Bike leg was windy as f*ck & not to mention pouring rain, then the run had a nice little hill in it we did twice. I had a good swim and bike in the challenging conditions, I was confident I was sitting near the top 5 and was running well until a bad stitch hit. Pain face in full flight & tried everything possible to get rid of it but nothing worked. Luckily, having the coach, family & other squad members yelling helped me get through. I finished the day with my fastest run split, cracking the sub 40min for my 10km. Crossing that finishing line knowing you have giving everything you got is an amazing feeling. Finishing 8th, I bagged some great points for World qualifying, I just had one more race to finish. So I headed to St Kilda, Victoria for one last crack.


I had my pre-race chat with my coach to make a plan. Go sub 1hr on the bike & still sub 40 on the run see how the body holds up off the bike after pushing it. Being so new to racing & this sport I’m still figuring out what my body can handle & how much to push in each leg. Swim didn’t go as planned – I had my worst swim time. But, I did go sub 1hr on the bike my first ever sub 1hr and still ran under 40mins for my run. I finished the race in 4th not super happy and disappointed with my swim but I had done enough to be selected for the Australian Age Group Team.

It’s certainly been a massive 6months for me. It’s been a huge lifestyle change but in a positive way. I couldn’t happier in making the decision to get into Triathlons & I certainly have no plans to stop anytime soon. The next 5 months will be dedicated to preparing for the World Champs where I get to don the Green & Gold. It’s no Commonwealth Games or Olympic team but for only starting 6months ago it’s massive for me & lights the fire even more.







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