Camino Comrades

Camino Comrades is a way in which the Cycling/Triathlon and Endurance sports community can come together to embrace and appreciate our Camino apparel. Camino's range and styles will be forever evolving, with creative inspiration drawn from different markets, trends and countries.

We want you to stand out, be noticed, turn heads. We want you looking good for your daily adventures. We will constantly be creating stylish, innovative and fashionable apparel. 

Camino appreciates your support by offering 'Comrade' members exclusive previews, deals and information prior to our public range releases.

"Fly the Flag"  As a Camino Comrade we want to create a lifestyle, team environment, a family. By Flying the Flag we want all Comrades to show their support for one another. Camino will be at certain events and we want all our Comrades to be able to come together to support each.   

'Camino Comrades is the only place where you will be able to have exclusive access to deals and information on what is happening next with Camino.   

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